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A perfect holiday destination? 12.07.2004
Learning to drive in Namibia! 13.07.2004
The Kalahari Desert 14.07.2004
From the Kalahari to the Namib 15.07.2004
By the sea in Namibia 17.07.2004
To Damaraland 19.07.2004
Our stay at Huab Lodge 22.07.2004
Game viewing in Etosha 24.07.2004
With the Africat cheetahs 26.07.2004
On the ancient Silk Road 06.07.2007
‘Stone Fortress’: Uzbekistan’s modern capital 07.07.2007
A city frozen in time 08.07.2007
On the road to Bukhara 09.07.2007
The beauty of the spirit 09.07.2007
More tales from Bukhara 10.07.2007
From Bukhara to the desert 11.07.2007
We take the golden road to Samarkand * 12.07.2007
The splendour of the Silk Road 13.07.2007
‘The spine of the earth is about to crumble’ 14.07.2007
Our Land of Enchantment 21.09.2011
Staying in Silver 22.09.2011
Meeting the Mogollon 23.09.2011
On the Geronimo Trail 24.09.2011
From outer space to the Badlands, via a pie! 25.09.2011
A place prepared 26.09.2011
‘Hot dog, jumping frog’ 26.09.2011
On the Turquoise Trail 27.09.2011
‘Fanta Se’ 28.09.2011
Around Santa Fe 29.09.2011
Arty Santa Fe 30.09.2011
Taking the High Road to Taos 01.10.2011
History and art in Taos 02.10.2011
Going around in Enchanted Circles 03.10.2011
Big sky country 04.10.2011
Of Route 66 , the Wild Wild West, and the ‘Long Walk’ 04.10.2011
The truth is out there 05.10.2011
From aliens to the Wild West and back out to space! 06.10.2011
Snow in the desert? 07.10.2011
The middle of the world 23.10.2012
A city among volcanoes 24.10.2012
Getting to know Quito 25.10.2012
A day out with friends 26.10.2012
To market, to market … 27.10.2012
Ain’t no mountain high enough ... 30.10.2012
At the crater's edge 31.10.2012
Viva Cuenca! 31.10.2012
On the banks of the Rio Tomebamba 01.11.2012
Walking the city 02.11.2012
Farewell to Cuenca 03.11.2012
The adventure begins! 04.11.2012
Of iguanas, sea lions and other beasts 04.11.2012
Our feathered friends 04.11.2012
Our first landing 04.11.2012
A small Chinese Hat 05.11.2012
It's all about the view 05.11.2012
Bird Island 06.11.2012
The black island 07.11.2012
The red island 08.11.2012
Indefatigable 08.11.2012
Home of the waved albatross 09.11.2012
The early bird ... 10.11.2012
The last of our Galápagos Island landings 10.11.2012
Return to Quito 11.11.2012
City shopping and dining 12.11.2012
Farewell to Ecuador 13.11.2012
Essential Honshu 03.10.2013
Arriving in Tokyo, jet-lagged and with senses overloaded 04.10.2013
First full day in Tokyo 05.10.2013
Seeing more of the city 06.10.2013
There’s more to Hakone than Mount Fuji 07.10.2013
A full and fabulous day! 08.10.2013
Onwards to Osaka 09.10.2013
A day trip to Hiroshima 10.10.2013
City of two thousand shrines 10.10.2013
Ancient and modern collide 12.10.2013
A mountain town 13.10.2013
A river runs through it 14.10.2013
In the Japanese Alps 15.10.2013
Kamikochi in the rain 16.10.2013
Back to Tokyo (via Matsumoto) 17.10.2013
Magnificent! 18.10.2013
The wonders of Nikko 19.10.2013
More wonders of Nikko 19.10.2013
Coming full circle 20.10.2013
The perfect winter sun destination? 31.01.2014
Settling in 01.02.2014
Roots 02.02.2014
Exploring Bakau and ‘The Strip’ 04.02.2014
An outing with Habib 05.02.2014
Monkeys galore! 06.02.2014
Into the forest 07.02.2014
In Makasutu - birds and baboons (and the occasional cat!) 08.02.2014
Seeing more of Makasutu 09.02.2014
Surprising art works … and then home 11.02.2014
Rajasthan: Land of Kings 16.10.2015
Manic traffic, atrocious pollution, endlessly captivating 17.10.2015
A more tranquil side to Delhi 17.10.2015
Start with the Taj Mahal 18.10.2015
See more than the Taj Mahal 18.10.2015
Too brief a reign 19.10.2015
The road to Jaipur 19.10.2015
Hilltop citadel 20.10.2015
The Pink City 20.10.2015
Into the Thar Desert 21.10.2015
Of cranes and camels 22.10.2015
The golden city and its fort 23.10.2015
Tales of life and death in Jaisalmer 23.10.2015
Glamping in Rajasthan 23.10.2015
A few hours in the Blue City 25.10.2015
A stay in a hunting lodge 25.10.2015
The Four-Faced Temple 26.10.2015
City of lakes 27.10.2015
A Raiput capital 28.10.2015
“The work of goblins” 29.10.2015
Tiger, tiger burning bright 31.10.2015
A return to Gambia 01.02.2016
Travelling to Fathala 02.02.2016
Walking with lions – and an (unrelated) mishap 03.02.2016
Dealing with the mishap, and a holiday resumed 04.02.2016
Travelling to the Sine-Saloum Delta 05.02.2016
Life in the Sine-Saloum Delta 06.02.2016
To Mass in Mar Lodj 07.02.2016
An island of shells 08.02.2016
Fishing in Senegal 09.02.2016
To market, to market 10.02.2016
A long day’s journey 11.02.2016
Back to an English winter 12.02.2016
About this blog 18.03.2017